15 Best Backpage Alternative List Crawler for the Year 2022

Are you looking for the best Backpage alternative websites? List Crawler, We have a few that are even better. Have a look at the best alternatives for Backpage.

Back in the day, Backpage was hailed as the number one online destination featuring personal/classified ads. Here, users were allowed to post ads for nearly everything. The website List Crawler had every section possible – vacancy alerts, events, electronics, real estate, buy/sell/trade, automotive, adult, etc.

Backpage reigned supremacy for ListCrawler listing ads about almost everything. Without a doubt, the most popular sub-category was the personal ads section. However, links with prostitution and other sex worker exploitation problems grabbed the attention of the Feds.

Numerous allegations of the website finally led to its dead List Crawler state by the FBI. However, the people using it for legal means were suddenly left without an option. To aid these people, here is a compilation of the best Backpage alternative websites for the year 2022.

List Crawler

List Crawler is the best Backpage alternative website that has the most similar ties with Backpage. Also known as Escort Alligator, the site offers multiple options for people seeking casual hookups. Here, users can gain access to a wide array of adult personals in different cities across the globe.

Moreover, the presence of multiple categories makes the website even more diverse. The availability of different categories contributes to the massive popularity of the site. Besides, the website is easy to use and doesn’t come with many complexities.


Are you looking for classified ads in your region? In that case, you can use Hoobly. It is one of the best Backpage alternative websites for classified ads. Here, you will List Crawler soon find out that everything is serious business. You might find it boring but if you can get past all the listings, you can get what you have come for with ease.

However, Hoobly is not known for being too user-friendly. ListCrawler For starters, the search engine is not too extensive. Moreover, most people might find it difficult to navigate the website. If you want to browse the website and don’t have anything particular in mind, you will need to use the filters.

But if you know what you are looking for, you can easily use Hoobly. You can find almost anything on this website if you give some time to Hoobly.

15 Best Backpage Alternative List Crawler for the Year 2022

Tinder – List Crawler

Tinder is one of the leading dating apps globally and that is why listed here as one of the best Backpage alternative websites. It boasts 75 million active users each month. List Crawler There cannot simply be an argument regarding its popularity or usage across the globe. The concept of the app is quite funky.

You are sent dating profiles of random strangers with pictures and some messages from them. If you want to take the conversation further, you need to swipe right. But, if you are not interested, you will have to swipe left.

However, the twist is that you will get connected with the person you swiped right only if they have done the same for you too. Now, you can privately chat with each other ListCrawler and decide the next course of action. You don’t need to pay to open an account here but Tinder has a premium subscription as well.

Adult Friend Finder – List Crawler

One of the most popular best alternatives to Backpage for dating and casual hookups is Adult Friend Finder. Here, users can create an account completely free of cost. However, for further intentions, you will need to opt for a subscription plan. The site boasts of more than 100 million registered accounts.

Moreover, this adult social media website provides video chat and live texts. Here, one can find different adult requirements with ease. Even kinky gatherings, List Crawler swinger parties, BDSM, and threesome adventures are not out of reach. Without a doubt, the Adult Friend Finder is an adult website meant to provide easy adult services.

However, the site can be a little too complex to navigate for people with less knowledge of computers. This is another reason to include it in our list of best Backpage alternative websites.


WhatsYourPrice is a reliable legal alternative to Backpage. The concept of the website is completely different from other dating sites. Here, you can bid on a date with a person you want as per your budget. You don’t have to worry about being super-rich. Find someone that you can spend some time with on your budget.

After you finalize the model, you want to bid on for a date, the competition starts. The action continues till the highest bidder gets the girl for the date. It can be a fun experience for people interesting in meeting new people.

Kasual – List Crawler

Kusual previously known as Yumi is an excellent Backpage alternative website for those seeking dating opportunities. It is compatible with both Android and List Crawler iOS platforms. That’s makes it available for both users. Moreover, you can use this highly popular dating app on the go.

The most unique aspect that separates this dating app from others is its individuality. Here, you will get connected to another stranger randomly. These are not based on an algorithm of what you like and want. Instead, the people connected can start talking and understanding each other.

To make an account on Kasual is easy and simple. Moreover, you don’t have to pay a penny for the base services. However, if you want to experience the app fully, you can opt for the Premium membership.

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