One of the main problems faced by many ladies who want to Meeting a Foreigner man is the presence of a language barrier and the resulting lack of the possibility of full communication.

In acquaintances that are made at a distance, that is, through the Internet using an international dating site, communication plays an important role. If full-fledged communication of two people at a distance is impossible, review  mutual interest begins to quickly disappear. Many women and men have found it frustrating not being able to speak freely with each other.

Meeting a Foreigner

It is no secret that with regard to dating foreign men and the related fact of the need to learn a foreign language, many ladies take the following position: I am ready and will learn a foreign language only when I meet a worthy man.

Dear ladies, you need a foreign language just to get to know this worthy man! If you are serious about dating and relationships with a foreigner, you need to learn a foreign language in advance, that is, before meeting a man.

For a self-sufficient, educated foreigner, it will be important to have the opportunity to fully talk with his chosen one, share his opinions and experiences with her. For a man to make a decision about , it is not enough just to smile at him on Skype. Every sane man, before making a trip to another country, to a woman he does not know, will first want to get to know her, YourChristianDate to feel whether they are connected by more than just sympathy based on external data – communication is indispensable for this, and for full communication, a common the language of communication. Even if this language is not native to both, but simply an intermediary, for example, English.

Learning a language takes time. It is impossible to master a foreign language in a week, even one month is not enough. There are a thousand reasons not to learn a language, from the financial side of this issue to the fact that maybe my efforts will be wasted. There can be many excuses, however, your main motivation should be personal happiness with a foreign man! Sometimes it is worth discarding all doubts and fears, and just take the first step.



Nowadays, it is not necessary to hire a tutor or sign up for paid foreign language courses. Foreign languages ​​can be learned independently and for free on the Internet. If you have not decided on a man from which country you would like to meet, knowledge of the English language will be universal.

The most important advantage of knowing a foreign language is that it will greatly increase your chances of dating successfully. Starting to learn a foreign language:

  • you will feel self-confidence;
  • you will have an undeniable advantage when meeting;
  • communication with foreign gentlemen will become more meaningful and lengthy;
  • you can easily ask questions and understand the answers;
  • having achieved the first results, you will be proud of yourself and your determination;
  • men will no longer be tormented by doubts about how you will communicate in person and whether  will become an obstacle to the development of relationships.

fernliebe is a dating site for predominantly German men, so below we will explain why knowledge of the German language is important if you decide that you want to connect your life with a German.

If you have decided that you would like to meet a German man and you are considering a German citizen as your future spouse, you need to learn German. The reason for this is not only the advantage that knowledge of the language gives when meeting a German man, but also bureaucratic formalities.


When a Decision is Made to Formalize The Relationship of a Couple

The question arises: on the territory of which state will the marriage union be concluded? There are three possibilities: the groom’s home country (Germany). The bride’s home country, or a third country (for example, one of the countries of the European Union, in. Which the process of entering into an international marriage does not require the collection of a large number of documents). In all three cases, in order to move the bride or wife of a German citizen to Germany.

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A national visa* will be required. “Fiance visas” for the purpose of marriage and subsequent residence in Germany (Eheschließung) or visas for reunification of spouses. (Ehegattennachzug) If the marriage was not conclude in Germany. The list of documents that must be submitted to the Consulate General of Germany in order to open. An entry visa includesA1 German language proficiency. Certificate (certificate of successful completion of the A1 level exam). There are no “workarounds” for moving to a German fiancé or husband without. Proof of language skills.

The A1 exam can be take at one of the branches of the Goethe Institute. To do this, it is not necessary to attend German language courses at the Goethe Institute.

You can find links to free resources for learning German in our Blog article. A national visa allows you to enter and stay in Germany for more than 90 days. A national visa, unlike a Schengen one, can be extend without leaving Germany. To marry in Germany or move to a spouse. You must apply for a national visa.

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