How to Become the Most Romantic Boyfriend

Does your girlfriend complain about you not being a very romantic boyfriend? Does she say that her friend’s boyfriend is a very romantic guy? And are you sick of hearing it? Yes? Then read the following tips to become the most romantic boyfriend and trust me, your girlfriend will shower all her love on you. Here you go-

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  1. Send flowers to her for no reason. Do not make it a habit else it will make no difference to her. Such spontaneous and random acts are loved by girls.
  2. If your girl likes cards then make one for her, customized and full of lovey-dovey text.
  3. When you walk, do not put your arm around her shoulder. Instead, put it around her waist. When you hold her by the waist, your bodies will touch each other and a girl will also feel safe. If you are uncomfortable in holding her by waist then you can hold her hands.
  4. Women don’t say but they love it when you initiate lovemaking with a beautiful background of light music, dimmed lights, fragrance, and nice, hot lingerie.
  5. Girls like it when you give them small but many gifts. They are usually not so happy with one large gift. So make sure you keep gifting her every now and then.
  6. Girls love surprises. Give her a surprise midnight visit by standing outside her house with flowers.
  7. Play with her hair but only if she likes. Do not at any point annoy her.
  8. When you stand behind her, hold her by the waist. It will give her the message- You belong to me.
  9. If she is comfortable, sleep with her whenever possible and cuddle her from behind. Do not just be busy making love. Cuddling and kissing are equally important.
  10. Lips are not the only place to kiss. Explore areas that are usually not kissed like stomach, chin, shoulders, neck, etc.
  11. When you are on a date with her, try to make as much eye contact as possible. This will increase the feelings in both of you.
  12. When she looks good, say you look beautiful and not ‘hot’. Girls in serious relationships from do not want to be called hot.
  13. Your date ideas should be out of the box. Get out of the boring movie hall or coffee shop. Plan something interesting that can also be a romantic boyfriend.
  14. Do not forget to say “I love you” to her. Say it at least once every day but only if you do because she can very well read it in your eyes.
  15. Understand and be sensitive to her needs, be it emotionally or physically. Your bond becomes stronger when you care about her needs.
  16. When she is with friends, make her feel special. Praise her before them and show sweet gestures to her before everybody.
  17. Make her birthday super special. Plan a party or surprise her with unique gifts.
  18. When it’s Valentine’s Day, do not follow the cliche ideas. Make a different plan to celebrate it in style, like going out for a trip or full-day make-out session.
  19. Say words to make her feel that she is the most important person for you.
  20. Call her and invite her to your place to get a full body massage for a kiss in return.
  21. Go grab her when she is busy in the kitchen and kiss her passionately.
  22. This is most important- Listen to her at all times. Even if it is none of your interest, still keep listening and she will be happy to pour out her heart to you.
  23. Do not ignore her. Give her full attention even when you are in a group with your friends.
  24. Hold her tightly at least once every day.
  25. Make her laugh whenever you talk to her. Girls do not like serious men.
  26. Remember her parents’ anniversary or sibling’s birthday. Girls like guys who remember important dates.
  27. Write Love Notes or letters to her even when you meet daily.
  28. If your girl does not mind, send out your message to her on the radio.
  29. Do an act for her she knows you dislike or are not comfortable with. For example, if you cannot eat green chilies do it for her once and do it before her friends.
  30. Send her a romantic text message before going to sleep every day. Girls like showing such messages to their friends.

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