How to Flirt on Tinder Tips and tricks that worked for me

How to flirt on Tinder Flirting over the Internet seems simple at first glance, but it has its “little things”. Apps like Tinder have shown. That it is relatively easy to do but also that it takes more than just a pretty face to do it.

In these times, it is very difficult to meet someone in a traditional way and for this reason. Flirting apps have become very fashionable . Among them, the one that stands out DilMil.Co. The most is Tinder and, of course, I wasn’t going to be left out. So keep reading because I’ll tell you my tips and tricks for flirting on Tinder.

What Do Your Profile Picture and Description on Tinder Say?

Tinder  is an app that consists of  liking  the people you like and finding. The ‘ match ‘ to start getting to know each other. Your  profile picture  says a lot about you, so try to choose. The images where you are most favored, because it is the impression that others will have of you.

When we are browsing this app full of single men and women willing to find love or whatever comes up. What most catches our attention and the first thing we look at is: The  profile picture  and the  biography of this person.

Think that the girl/boy ratio on Tinder is overwhelmingly higher in favor of men. That every girl has hundreds of guys liking her like there’s no tomorrow. If you want to survive in that minefield, you have to start doing it with “cool” photos.

It’s not about pleasing everyone, but taking a picture of yourself in front of the PC eating Doritos is not going to be the best way to start your journey on Tinder.

Remember that the  profile photo is the most important of all and therefore. It is best that you take care of your appearance in that image and that only you be seen.

Ratio on Tinder:

How to flirt on Tinder Tips and tricks that worked for me

The rest of the photos that you can add to your profile can be photos in different places. Such as at the gym, on a trip, with friends, etc. In this way, the person who enters your profile will see that you carry out different activities and that you are an active person, they will like that.

I also recommend that you take photos with an animal. Today there are many people who prefer a partner with an interest in animals. So if you have a dog or cat at hand, do not hesitate to immortalize them by your side!

In addition to the above, Tinder  has a function DilMil called ‘ Smart Photos ‘. Which consists of showing your profile by varying the main photo and finally it will opt for the image with which you have achieved the most ‘matches’.

In other words, it is a Tinder algorithm that will help you find. The photo that makes the best impression on other users.

How to Make an Attractive Biography on Tinder

Regarding the  biography , the ideal is not to leave it empty. Otherwise people will not have any interest in knowing you, since they will not know anything about you.

As far as possible, when you write your description, try to write. The qualities that best define you as a person, your hobbies, your pastimes and the future expectations that you have both alone and accompanied.

The  description on Tinder  is not about filling out a resume or making a shopping list. It is much simpler than that. All you have to do is be honest about yourself , making things up about your life is only going to hurt you.

It is important to appear humble and not someone. Who is hyper-demanding and looks down on others. I have seen several profiles with phrases copied from other sites to appear “cool” and. That even put their IQ or academic degree.

Really? You have to be more practical and put something that describes you as a person. That indicates what you are looking for and that does not make you seem like a life-saver. These types of profiles are more frequent in girls, although there is everything.

If you have Instagram , it is also a good idea to link to your profile on. That social network so that they can see more photos of how you are and the things you like to do.

Now you know how to sharpen both your profile picture and your description. The next thing will be to know some basic tips to start flirting on Tinder.

Tips For How to Flirt on Tinder

As I have already mentioned before, the profile picture and the description that we make about ourselves is essential. But, in addition to these two elements. There are other tips that must also be taken into account to  get a date on Tinder :

  1. Be nice: when you start a conversation with someone you like, try to be positive and transmit good vibes. So that person will feel comfortable and want to continue talking to you.
  2. Spelling: one of the aspects that is most taken into account when you talk to someone via chat is their spelling. So try to take care of it and make a good impression with your writing.
  3. Show interest: It’s okay to show some interest in the other person’s status, likes, and hobbies. You probably have more things in common than you imagine and it never hurts to share opinions.
  4. Don’t be heavy: that is, don’t harass the other person by sending him messages all the time. This doesn’t mean that you can’t ask her from time to time how she’s doing. But don’t seem too pushy, or the other person will get overwhelmed and stop talking to you.
  5. Have confidence in yourself: this advice is key, a self-confident person has many more possibilities of getting what they want than another person who is insecure. Therefore, work on your confidence and self-esteem so that the rest of the people see that you know what you want and that you are afraid to go for it.

These are some of the tips that are recommended that you follow when meeting someone through Tinder, carry them out and you will see that they work for you.

My Personal Experience – How to Flirt on Tinder

Currently, I am single and looking for love. I have been registered on Tinder for a couple of years and so far I have not found the woman of my life. But she has not been bad for me either. I haven’t used Tinder full time either. But I’m combining it with other pages like Meetic that have always given me good results.

Thanks to Tinder I have met multiple women with whom I have started a relationship with some of them and it all started simply by taking care of my profile. Of course, you will have to give “likes” to cascoporro to increase the chances of them talking to you, but these will always be greater if your profile picture is cool.

I met a total of 5 girls in 2020, with whom I got to have a relationship with 2 of them and that was not the best year to start relationships . In Summer things were calmer and I was able to take advantage of it a bit, but without it ending up in something serious.

Tinder is an app that is mostly for having sex. There may be people who use it to find a stable partner but I do not recommend it for that purpose. People know that Tinder is what it is for. Quick sex or short adventures, but little else.

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You can flirt on Tinder, but you have to be patient and be aware that you’re going to have to insist on several until someone listens to you. Like I said, the guy/girl ratio isn’t working in our favor at all and you’re going to have to make a good first impression to get the ball rolling.

In short, flirting on Tinder is more than possible following certain guidelines. The most important thing is to show a good image and be honest in the description. Once we start a fluid conversation, you will already have a long way to go in the search for your goal.

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