I only purchased 20 credit and it became clear right away that none of the men answering my profile were legit and they are only interested in chatting via the paid site because it costs you 1 credit for every messsge, 10 credits for an email, etc. It ridiculous. The main goal is to sap you off as much money as possible and this site is run in a method I’ve never seen before. I’ve been on other membership dating apps and real, legit individuals are happy to move to WhatsApp or Kik in order to chat privately. None of the guys who answered my profile would chat outside of ArabianDate, BECAUSE THEY ARE FAKE ! Probably during in a call center and tossing out pre-written messages in order to entice the paying party to text more and more. Plus, it was really suspicious that all the guys looked like GQ models. Real pics from real men, even if they are highly skilled professionals, don’t all look too good to be true. If something seems to good to be true, it probably is…..
So, the company is a scam and buyer beware. I even question the validity of the 4 and 5 star reviews. They’re probably planted by ArabianDate employees.

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