What Makes a Man Unbearable

Haven’t you ever wished Man Unbearable  you could get inside a woman’s head for one day? What do they think, and more importantly, why are they crazy about some guys, LetmeDate but really dislike other guys? We worked hard on you and got some feedback from local women on what makes a man irresistible – read on to find out more!

Wearing Fragrance

“I have the embarrassing habit of consciously following guys who smell good, but luckily I managed to control myself before I became a real stalker . I guess you could call it the chemical signature of attraction.”

– Maudy, 30, Teacher.

Touch hair – Man Unbearable 

“Goosebumps run down my spine every time a man brushes my hair from my eyes or even when he just gently touches them. I’ve read that this biological response evolved from the way primates care for one another, Lovinga.com signaling affection. It’s not something romantic from its origins, but it still makes me feel excited!”

– Yulia, 24, Financial Consultant.

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Open minded

“Definitely open minded. I don’t want to be with someone who is narrow-minded and constantly judges others , not because their way of life is wrong of course, but because it is different from how he thinks about such things as they should be.”

– Sari, 22, Nurse.

Got Disney References – Man Unbearable 

“We, as girls, have all been brought up on Disney and fairy tales, so when you meet a guy who understands that little part of you that is romantic and idealistic, it’s like winning the romantic  guy jackpot !”

– Diana, 19, College student.

Confident and calm in stressful situations

“I cannot put into words how attractive this quality is. When those around him screamed and started to run out of steam, DateMyAge.com review  he was there to help everyone through the storm. That’s when you know that he’s going to be a constant stick in your life.”

– Amelia, 21, Customer Service Employee .

What Makes a Man Unbearable

“accident” physical contact

“Whether accidental or intentional, a few seconds of physical touch always makes me breathless. It’s ridiculous, I know, but even the nudge of his hand when he gave me a drink made my face turn red.”

– Sarah, 20, Student.

Ballroom Dancing

“Sorry, I’m a  Dirty Dancing type girl , not a Step Up Revolution girl .”

– Artika, 34, entrepreneur.

Stunning classic man – Man Unbearable 

“It’s hard to pinpoint, but it really could be a combination of a lot of things: growing a mustache and beard, opening the door for me, letting me order food first… Yep, trite I know, but it makes me feel like he’s always watching me. ”

– Lidya, 28, Lawyer.

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Uniformed man

Based on these responses, it seems that a man’s inside is just as important as his outside. All the best for your journey of finding connection and love! Anyway, we want to hear what else could make a guy irresistible to you. Leave us a comment below!

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