Find True Love – Understanding This Fickle Emotion

Are you tired of dating one loser after another and you want to find true love? Have you had your fair share of players who only want to toy with your emotions? Is it time you cozied up to a good man who could bring you, true love?

Unlike the many romance novels from datemyage credits out there, finding true love isn’t that easy. We often have to go through a labyrinth of players, losers, freaks, and morons before we truly find the guy we can happily live with. If you’re hoping to find true love, continue reading this article and see how your love can change.

Mixed Messages

I hear a lot of women complain about the kind of guys they attract. “Men only want one thing,” they say. “Guys try to constantly get into my pants.” “Why can’t guys look into my eyes instead of at my chest?”

Sorry ladies, but if you’re going to put your girls out on display, guys are going to look. The very woman who complained about men’s gazes had her cleavage constantly visible for all. Is it any wonder men didn’t look into her eyes?

If you want to find true love and not just another roll in the hay, act, dress, and speak like you mean business.

What is True Love?

Infatuation, crush, lust… it can easily all be confused with love. We meet a really cute guy, he winks and smiles, pays us a bit of attention and we’re swooning… literally.

But have you just found true love or just another cute guy to spend the evening with? Chances are you’re letting your emotions get caught up with what your body is reacting to. He’s so cute; you imagine he must be a good guy. His smile is so charming; you imagine he’ll treat you right. His gaze is so intense as he looks into your eyes, you imagine he really could be in love with you.

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Well, snap out of it! Good looks, warm smiles, and heated gazes do not a loving relationship make.

The Real Man

To find true love, you have to invest time in getting to really know the guy. Don’t rush the dating process and don’t think spending hours at the coffee shop talking and talking is going to do the trick. Sure, it’s a good step in the right direction, but just because you know his favorite color and what kind of music he enjoys doesn’t mean you are a match made in heaven.

Love takes time to develop and it can only develop as you get to know the guy. Aside from the basic facts, you simply want to find out how you feel being with him. Do you enjoy the simple things with him, or is it all about the surroundings he brings you to? Is it really him you love being with, or the car he drives? When you realize that he is the one who really gets your heart going, that you want to be with him all the time, no matter what you do, you’ll know that you’ve found your true love.

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