How to Get Out of Friendzone?

Out of Friendzone is a land where the person you are interested in would like to meet someone like you, but … not you. You are in an invisible bubble that separates you from the person you like more effectively than barbed wire entanglements. How to get out of friendzone? Is it possible to get out of such a situation unscathed?

Three elements of relationships

There is probably no person who has not had a crush on someone who only saw character in her at least once. You can feel great and meet each other, but it usually doesn’t work out of a relationship. Why?

Any relationship has three components: attraction, connection, and intention.

Being attractive does not mean that as a woman you have to be a model, but as a sculpted Latino guy in a gym. It means that you have to be someone cool enough for the other person to want to sleep with you and introduce you to friends. At the stage of getting to know each other, this criterion is based in women primarily on appearance (although not only), and in men on status (but not only).

Attachment is the feeling that you are fit together. You transmit on common waves, you laugh at your jokes, and in the later stage you confide in each other, share secrets and out-of-body intimacy.

The intention is the last element. It’s knowing that the other person is interested in you as a woman / guy and who is actively winning you.

This means that if you are attractive to each other, you like each other, and you know you want to be together, you have a good chance of forming a relationship.

On the other hand, if there is a bond between you but lacking attractiveness or clearly expressed intentions, then you can say hello to friendzone. It looks something like this.

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Reasons for friendzone: You are beyond the orbit of interest

I’ve had friends in my life who I knew were hoping for more because they told me about it. They were smart and had a nice character so we got along very well. The problem was, they weren’t attractive enough for me.

I know it’s sad, but our biochemical and social scanners work in such a way that the first strain of choosing a partner is always external issues. If they turn out to be insufficient, a relationship such as: “We could be together if …”. After the word “if” is an explanation that we rarely admit aloud: if you impressed me and you were more masculine, or if you were more attractive.

If, despite the fact that you are not enough for someone, you still hang around, you end up in a friendzone.

Despite the temptation to put all the situations in this bag, YourLatinMates in fact most friendzone cases come from a second cause.

Reasons friendzone: No intention

Men often say they were placed in a friendzone by a girl, but in 9 out of 10 cases, that’s not true. You get there because… you act like a friend. When you do that, you can be the handsomest guy in the world and still be treated like a eunuch in the Sultan’s harem.

By entering into any interaction, you can decide who you will be in it. If you are the boss, you can choose whether you want them to be afraid of you, or whether you prefer to be a mentor or that boss who says something and everyone does their own thing anyway. The same goes for buddy and romantic relationships, where you also choose how you want to be treated.

Yes, I know – most people don’t, because they play the same role in every situation. Oddly enough, this is the role of harmless good-natured.

A harmless good-natured is a buddy. Capybara in the world of people that avoids conflict situations and always wants to get along.

When someone likes them, he doesn’t know how to go about it, so he decides to play it cool. To get someone, you mustn’t be afraid to lose them , but she is afraid. So he does not reveal his sexual interest. He avoids the word “date” and the phrase “I like you”. There are no requirements. He pretends he likes to hear about emotional problems and upsets. He accepts to be a permanent, complementary element of someone’s life.

How do friends behave? Exactly the same. If an animal looks like a pig, grunts like a pig, and acts like a pig, it is a pig. If you look, speak and act like a friend, then who are you?

So it’s not like you end up in the friendzone or someone maliciously pushes you there. You just meekly go there, then you put your head down and ask: “How about sticking some dumplings?”

When he gets to know me better, it will spark

The fundamental problem with people in friendzone is that they choose the wrong strategy. Although these relationships lack attractiveness or showing interest, they still hope that if they spend a lot of time with the other person, it will somehow magically work to their advantage. They see the account standing still, but tell themselves that at least they’re in the game. Unfortunately, they cannot see that they are sitting in the stands.

When getting to know each other, people are immediately assigned to a specific category. It’s a bit like going to a competition. If you say you are competing in pole vault, you will be competing against other pole vaulters. If you say you run 100 meters, you need good shoes. Even if you are more suitable for another competition, you will still be classified in the one you signed up for.

It is the same in relationships. If you behave in relation to a woman / guy as a friend / friend material, it does not matter what your internal intentions are, because you fall into a bag called “people with whom I get along, but I can’t imagine having sex with them”. You become the person who is said to be “You are like brother / sister to me.”

Time doesn’t change that. This is why there are so many people waiting in line for a relationship , but somehow there is always someone who ruthlessly passes by and slams the door in front of them, and after a while they hear a deep, “Oh, oh, oh, OH!” .

How to get out of friendzone? Don’t act like a friend!

The most difficult border to cross in the world is not in the militarized zone. That stretches between North and South Korea. It is 30 centimeters. That separate a boyfriend from a friend and a friend from. A woman whom you fantasize about before going to bed.

To exceed it, you need to do only one thing. Forget about friendship and move to the position of a potential partner.

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Until now, you have been nice, accessible, conciliatory. You kept your physical distance and pretend you didn’t care about sex because you “aren’t like that.” You were a handkerchief the other person could wipe their tears on. You waited forever as an emergency service.

The material for a lover or lover is the opposite of “friends”. Are people who storm the other person’s life. They show signs of interest right away. They are actively flirting. Are not interest in buddy topics. They’re not trying to win anything with favors. They give courage and excitement, not the capybara’s fairness.

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